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Catering Menu

Catering Menu

Platter of Sandwiches

10 Assorted Sandwiches, cut into four and served on a platter

Platter of Wraps

10 Assorted Wraps, cut in half and served on a platter

Platter of Footlongs

5 Assorted Footlong rolls, cut in half

Platter of 30 Mixed Mini Danish

Quiche Platter

Includes 6 x medium quiche, cut into quarters. Hot or cold on a platter.

Fruit Platter

includes, seasonal fresh fruit arranged on a platter

* Variations, vegetarians, and allergy-friendly options are available – speak to our friendly staff.

Scone Platter

Includes 12 scones (plain or fruit) with jam and cream

Slice Platter

10 assorted slices, cut in half on a platter (French vanilla, vanilla, apple, cheesecake, caramel, chocolate)

Mixed Sweet Platter

Includes, four lamingtons, four assorted tarts + four slices (Tarts – caramel, pineapple, nenish, mushroom jam + lemon)

Platter of 30 mixed mini muffins

Biscuit Platter

Includes – 20 assorted biscuits on a platter, (chocolate chip, ANZAC, cornflake, coffee + walnut, apricot + coconut)

Gluten Free Wrap

Includes Meat + Basic Salad

Gluten Free Options

Please inquire for pricing and availability

Individual salad tub

(Cheese + Egg)

Individual salad tub with meat

(Cheese + Egg)

Hot Food

Mini meat Pie

Mini Sausage Roll

(Plain or Cheese + Bacon)

*Hot on platters if required

Mini Quiche

(Spinach or Bacon)

Platter and heating included if ordering 20 or more pieces of hot food, otherwise extra charge for platter and heating.

Cheesy Pull-a-Parts

(Cheese + Bacon, Cheese + Spinach, Cheese + Sweet Chilli)

Also Available

Cheesy Pullaparts, Tea Cakes (not before 8am), assorted individually wrapped sandwiches, wraps, etc.,

GF wraps and GF slice or other sweet GF item usually available – priced separately

Please note prices subject to change without notice due to input cost increases.
Please order 3 working days in advance


Salad Roll Meal

Meat and Salad Jumbo Roll (Ham, Chicken, Roast Beef, Cornbeef)
A piece of the slice (Vanilla, Apple, Cheesecake, Caramel, Chocolate)
Bottle of water (600ml) or Fruit Juice (375ml)

Wrap Meal

Meat and Salad Wrap or choose from one of our wrap options on our current in store menu.
A piece of slice (Vanilla, Apple, Cheesecake, Caramel, Chocolate)
Bottle of water (600ml) or Fruit Juice (375ml)

Lunch Pack Menu

Lunch Pack Menu

The above packs are packed in individual cardboard clamshell packs. We do our best to fulfill any dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free - extra charges may apply

Please submit your catering enquiry below, including date required, number of people and items needed.

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